New london travel the homepage here guide New london travel Pandora Necklaces UK guide Most with the travel within new london will either be by foot or by car.There is no riding on the bus system to get around town but public parking is free and you can walk to just about everything in town. [Change][Add index] Find Pandora UK out One of the most useful times to visit new london is the fall.This town is popular this month or year for the vivid foliage.The best month to visit is october because then the most amount of foliage will be out.To view the foliage you may either simply take a stroll down main street, or take a hike up kearsarge slopes to view the yellow, yellow, and orange branches.The barn play house is the oldest operating summer play house in nh.The barn was built in 1820 and began using them as a playhouse around 1933.394 Main lane.+1 603 526 8333.Omg is fairly new and is exceptional in this area.It has great variety so if you would like a gift, memento, or just want some fun shopping this is an excellent store.But like a number of the shopping in new london(If have not noticed the trend)It can be expensive with prices covering anything from $10 over $100. [Alter][Add posting] EatFlying Goose Brew Pub prepare, 40 Andover streets(Moving out of new london going south, when it comes to sutton, you arrive to a big four way intersection and the flying goose is right on the intersection to your left), +1 603 526 6899.On a daily basis 11:30AM 9PM.$4 $7 draft/bottle brewskies.The service Pandora Charms: is really slow and the food isn't great for the cost.Checkin:3PM;The counter:11AM.The new london inn was built in 1782 and it's a big hit with vacationers, especially this coming summer Time.It's very charming if you like history and it's in a location right in the heart of new london.$129 $225 per night-Time.